Black Friday Sale on AliExpress

Black Friday Sale on AliExpressThe countdown to the grand Black Friday sale on AliExpress in 2024 has already begun! This discount festival annually ignites the hearts of millions of shoppers around the world with incredible discounts and promotions on a wide variety of products.

Black Friday is a shopper’s holiday and one of the biggest sales on AliExpress. During its run, discounts can reach 90% and apply to different categories of goods: electronics, appliances, clothing, shoes, smartphones, children’s products, and much more. The event is second in scale only to the 11.11 sale on AliExpress.

When will Black Friday 2024 take place?

The Black Friday sale on AliExpress is held annually in the second half of November. In 2024, the event will traditionally consist of two stages:

The warm-up will start on November 20 at 00:00 Pacific Time and will end on November 22 at 23:59.

Black Friday officially starts on November 23 at 00:00 and will continue until November 29 at 23:59.

So, 3 days were allocated for the preparation stage, and a full 7 days for the sale.

The warm-up is the time to find discounts

The warm-up period before the sale is a marketing campaign designed to generate interest in the upcoming discount festival.

This period helps:

  • Plan your purchases. Create a wishlist and add items to your cart. This will help you remember what you wanted to buy and make it easy to place an order quickly.
  • Get promo codes, coupons, and discounts. AliExpress offers a variety of discounts, promo codes, and coupons during the warm-up period. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money!
  • Learn more about the sale. Check out our sale guide to see all the deals and promotions.

You can find out the promotional prices for products participating in Black Friday in advance. To do this, simply open the product page. The promotional price will be displayed near the current price.

Do not put off your Black Friday shopping until later. The best deals sell out in minutes. Prepare in advance and take advantage of the warm-up period to save even more!

Sale – time for shopping

Black Friday on AliExpress is a shopper’s paradise. You’ll find everything you need at prices that will surely delight you.

Take advantage of the sale to:

  • Update your wardrobe. The sale is a time when you can really save money on clothes, shoes, and accessories. Don’t miss the opportunity to find stylish and quality items at affordable prices.
  • Purchase electronics. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase new electronics at great prices. During the sale, you can get discounts on smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc.
  • Buy gifts for loved ones. Black Friday is a time when dreams of gifts for loved ones can come true. Your purchases are sure to please your friends and family.

During sales, it’s easy to be tempted to buy something just because it’s cheap. But don’t rush into a decision, or you might regret spending the money later.

Missed this discount festival? Don’t worry, just check out the AliExpress sales calendar to get the maximum discounts.

Black Friday Guide

The promotional catalog of goods includes dozens of categories and millions of different discounts and secret offers. Our team has compiled the main sections into a single list to shorten the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the content of the sale.

  • The sale’s landing page is the starting point, containing the main information about the event. Categories of goods, planned promotions and discounts. This page also has the date and time of the sale’s end.
  • Spend & Save – get a $4 discount for every $20 spent. The maximum possible discount per order is $16. The offer has no limits on the number of uses.
  • Bestsellers – a selection of products that are most often purchased on AliExpress.
  • Top brands – branded goods with great benefits.
  • Coins – collect and earn coins, and then exchange them for real discounts when placing orders.

* Links will stop working immediately after the sale ends.

Promo codes and coupons for Black Friday

Before the Black Friday sale, promo codes and coupons will be specially created that can be used at the time of payment for purchases.


Promo code $5 for all items

Promo code for the «Winter Sale». You can get a discount for a purchase of $49 or more.


Promo code $10 for all items

Promo code for the «Winter Sale». You can get a discount for a purchase of $89 or more.


Promo code $20 for all items

Promo code for the «Winter Sale». You can get a discount for a purchase of $169 or more.


Promo code $30 for all items

Promo code for the «Winter Sale». You can get a discount for a purchase of $249 or more.


Promo code $50 for all items

Promo code for the «Winter Sale». You can get a discount for a purchase of $369 or more.

All promo codes are displayed

There are several types of them: issued by stores, limited to a specific list of products, and those that can be applied to all offers in the product catalog.

Discount up to 50%

Coupon Center

A dedicated section on AliExpress where you can find coupons for all the stores on the platform.

This list may change if new codes are released. A full list of active promo codes for AliExpress is always available on a separate page of our website.

Tips: How to Save Money on Black Friday

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to save money on purchases with its extreme discounts and promotions. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your budget:

  1. Prepare a shopping list. Prepare a list of items you need in advance, and also set a total budget for shopping. This will help you avoid impulse purchases and spend money rationally.
  2. Review the sale sections. Review the main page of the event, as well as the list of planned promotions and activities, to get the maximum discounts.
  3. Shop around and add deals to your cart. Compare prices on items at different stores before Black Friday starts. The «Sale» label doesn’t always mean the best price.
  4. Check for promo codes and coupons. Some stores offer additional discounts when you enter special promo codes or coupons. Look for promo codes released by AliExpress itself, valid for all products. Don’t forget to use them when paying for your purchases.
  5. Use cashback and bonuses. Use AliExpress coins and cashback to get an additional discount.
  6. Keep an eye on your personal messages on AliExpress. Some stores offer additional discounts to their loyal customers. Limited offers are sent to personal messages on the website or in the AliExpress mobile app.
  7. Don’t forget about warranty and exchange. Before making a purchase, check the return policy and the provided warranties – Buyer Protection. It is important to know how you can return the product or request a refund if something goes wrong.

Before buying any product, be sure to read the reviews of buyers who have already purchased it. Do not order products without ratings.

Cyber Monday on AliExpress

Cyber Monday on AliExpress is an annual sale and a continuation of Black Friday, which takes place on the last Monday of November. It is a great opportunity to save money on a wide variety of products, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and more.

In 2024, Cyber Monday will take place from November 27 to 30. During the sale, discounts of up to 90% are available on a wide variety of products on the website and in the mobile app.

Black Friday History

The tradition of celebrating Black Friday originated in the 20th century in the United States, and the origin of the name of this event has several versions:

  • One of the versions of the origin of the name «Black Friday» is related to the fact that many Americans after celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday took a day off, starting to prepare for the Christmas holidays and buying gifts. Large stores opened their doors only early in the morning on Friday, arranging large-scale sales.
  • Another version of the origin of the name «Black Friday» is related to the fact that there were many cars and traffic jams on the roads on this day due to the large number of people going shopping. This is why drivers called this day «Black Friday» in a negative sense.
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