What does «Delivery attempt unsuccessful» mean on AliExpress


Online shopping can sometimes be a frustrating process, especially when delivery problems arise. Unfortunately, failed delivery attempts are a common problem for many AliExpress users, and this can lead to a lot of questions and concerns.

Read our post to learn about the causes of the problem and possible solutions. Don’t rush to contact the seller, as the store is often not to blame for what happened.

What does «Delivery attempt unsuccessful» mean

«Delivery attempt unsuccessful» on AliExpress can happen for a number of reasons, such as if the recipient was not home at the time of delivery, if the address was incorrectly provided, or if the courier was unable to contact the recipient.

There are different wordings for this notification, but they all mean the same thing. The only difference is which shipping company is delivering the package.

Delivery attempt unsuccessful on AliExpress

Typically, before receiving the status of failed delivery, the order has the mark «Arrived at local delivery office». This means that the package has arrived in the destination country, has passed customs clearance and has been successfully handed over to the local office unit for delivery.

Why Delivery attempt unsuccessful

  • Absence of the recipient. The courier was unable to deliver the package due to the absence of the recipient at the delivery address. Such situations occur when the shipping company was unable to contact the recipient to clarify the date and time of the courier’s visit. Due to the problem, the order is returned to the warehouse.
  • Recipient did not pick up the package. The post office may mark the package as «Delivery attempt unsuccessful» if the recipient does not pick it up within a few days of being notified of the package’s arrival at the post office. Please note that postal items are stored at the post office for up to 30 days. Then, the process of returning the package to the sender begins.
  • Delivery system error. Sometimes, a delivery error notification is displayed in order tracking due to a system failure in the delivery service.
  • Incorrect delivery address. The package cannot be delivered to the buyer due to an error in the delivery address. The typo could have occurred either by the fault of the recipient or by the fault of the seller.

After the package is delivered to the recipient, its status will change to «Package delivered». To find out the specific cause of what happened, you need to contact the employees of the local post office or the office of the courier service.

In most cases, these actions are sufficient to receive the package. If the problem is not resolved, then you need to open a dispute and demand a refund.

What to do if «Delivery attempt unsuccessful» on AliExpress

When you receive a notification from AliExpress about an unsuccessful delivery attempt, you need to contact the courier service to find out what to do next. Typically, you can choose from one of several options:

  • Request a redelivery. The courier service may offer a redelivery on the same day or the next day. In this case, you will need to leave additional instructions so that the courier knows how to deliver the package.
  • Pick up the package yourself. If the courier service has a pickup point, you can pick up the package yourself from that point. You can usually get the address of the pickup point by contacting the shipping service.
  • Change the delivery address. If the address was entered incorrectly or you need to change the delivery address, contact the courier service to clarify all your questions.

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